Father's Day

To another I've entrusted the privilege of your care
Yet still I remain close beside, no matter when or where
To another world I've sent you as part of the gospel plan
But my work is to see you fill the measure of a man
I find it quite ironic you'd not think of me today
After all, don't we wish a "Happy Father's Day"
You think of your dads and buy them silly ties
But do you remember me, who watches from on high?
For I am your Creator, a King upon the throne
But always as your Father I wish to be known
To my precious children I make this desperate plea
Next time you think of Father's day please remember me


  1. Ben,
    What an incredible poem. Thanks for sharing it with us. Taunia

  2. We do kind of forget that, don't we? Thanks for sharing it with us!

  3. Dad,
    I love you so much. I would never forget you.